OpenS3 Beta Signup

From this page you can sign up for the SMEStorage OpenS3 beta. OpenS3 allows you to use your own S3 keys so that you can access your Amazon S3 stored data through the SMEStorage platform

The SMEStorage platform will allow you to synchronise your S3 files and will allow you to access them through our rich file manager UI as well as accessing them through other channels such as the IPhone, Mobile, Facebook, iGoogle etc. From within our rich File Manager web UI you will be able to instantly edit any office documents (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), through our integration with Zoho office, view your PDF's instantly through our integration with iPaper, and also view photos, share files, and collaborate using busines groups.

Please note that by taking part in this beta you are signing up to our terms and conditions which you can find here. The beta trial will be limited to the first 1,000 users and will run for 1 month. After this you will be able to subscribe to the service or just terminate. All your files will still be avilable on Amazon S3 if you choose to terminate.

We reserve the right to terminate this trial at any time.

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